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An innovative Erasmus+ partnership

The Green in Everyday Life Erasmus+ project partnership is a unique blend of Third Sector organsations and public administrations
in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

Lead Partner
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Asociacion Columbares

Asociación Columbares is a nongovernmental organization born in 1985 in Murcia (Spain). The main objective of the organization is the social and labor insertion of disadvantaged groups: immigrants, youth, women, families, children, seniors, unemployed persons and others. The work of Asociación Columbares is divided into five areas: immigration, youth, training, social participation and environment.

Since 2009 Columbares has coordinated the Green Homes project in Murcia, in which is inspired the Green in Everyday Life project. Along these years the organization has conducted over 100 lectures and workshops and more than 150 environmental audits. Columbares is the first organization in Spain to include groups at risk of social exclusion as direct beneficiaries of this program and become the reference to internationalize this project, thanks to the experience of Green in Everyday Life.

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Consorzio ABN

Consorzio ABN is a non-for-profit consortium of Italian social cooperatives, established in 1997. Today, 42 social cooperatives (type A and type B) are members of Consorzio ABN, and they collectively employ about 2,500 people, with about 570 staff belonging to disadvantaged groups. The member social cooperatives operate in 12 Italian regions, as follows:
• North: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna.
• Centre: Umbria, Toscana, Marche, Lazio, Molise, Abruzzo.
• South: Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicilia.

Consorzio ABN operates in different sectors. The distinguishing element of its work is “how” it operates: primarily through employing disadvantaged people; working with a strong environmental ethos; seeking maximum profit for the community rather than for the individual. Its main sectors of work are the following:

1. Work opportunities for disadvantaged people
2. Training, consultancy, social enterprise start-up projects
3. Renewable energy
4. Social housing, ethical building, self-building
5. Social services to people and the community.

At European level, Consorzio ABN collaborates with different organisations, NGOs, social enterprises and with European Networks such as REVES and DIESIS. It also has established collaborations with some Italian Regions, many Municipalities and a few National Ministries (particularly the Ministry for Labour and Welfare Policies).

QUALITY SYSTEMS: Consorzio ABN is certified under:
• UNI ENI ISO: 9001
• UNI ENI ISO: 14001

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East and West Center
East & West Center for Human Resources Sustainable Development (WE Center) is a nongovernmental organization established in the beginning of 2008. The vision of WE Center is to contribute in building Jordanian and International society that flourishes with peace, respect and dialogue, and owns tools of change by creative youth hands. The mission of the organization is to work for building institutional and individuals capacity and empower them to make positive change in their societies and develop their social, economical, health and political life based on the values of human respect, partnership and integration among individuals and society.

The goals of WE Center are:
1- To build institutional and individual capacity through development and change by way of peaceful and creative tools.
2- To enhancement of human morality and religious values.
3- To build local and international networks in support of women, youth and world peace issues.
4- To empower youth gender to improve their social, economic, health and political status.
5- To enhance dialogue within society and with other societies.
6- To organize and coordinate firm voluntary works which serve human society.

WE Center builds all its work to upgrade human being everywhere. East and west centre believes that youth in east and west is the most capable part of society to achieve positive change on all human, social, economical, political and environmental levels, both on the local and international dimensions to achieve the seek after peace.

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Basin Guir

Basin Guir is the association for development and protection of the environment is based in a rural area in the south east of Morocco: Ain Chouater.  The organisation, is a representative structure for the population and has an important role in conception, management and realization of development actions.  Its aim is to inform and raise awareness among the population on the issues of auto-development in local area, protection of the environment.  It has an important role in identifying the needs of the population, elaborate specific projects and monitoring.

Since 2015, Basin Guir, as a Moroccan partner of Green in Everyday Life project, has conducted over 15 environmental audits for households, 4 workshops with 120 students and one big campaign to raise awareness on environmental risks, as well as a meeting that gathers more than 17 actor from the youth’s council.

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The National Center for Environmental Education (CENEAM) is a reference center in Spain for environmental education leading working since 1987 to promote responsibility of citizens in relation to the environment. It is constituted as a resource center to service and support of all those groups, public and private, that develop programs and environmental education activities.

Their lines of work focus on the collection and dissemination of information specializing in environmental education; in the design and development of awareness programs and citizen participation; in the development of educational materials and exhibitions; and support in organizing seminars and other forums for discussion and debate; in the development and implementation of environmental training actions; and cooperation with other public and private entities to promote environmental education.

In 2006, the CENEAM’s area of education designed the Green Homes Programme, a participatory programme aiming to reach families and households concerned about the environmental and social impact of their decisions and daily habits. The objective of the programme is to guide families in the process of change towards a more responsible management of their home, saving water and energy, changing behaviors into a more sustainable way and helping them to make a more ethical and environmentally friendly purchase.

During ten years (2006-2016) may different organizations have joined the Green Homes Network, working for a common goal and the same philosophy.
From this experience and taking advantage of the Erasmus + projects, CENEAM –in cooperation with Asociación Columbares, decide to create an international version of the Green Homes programme, and that’s how Green in Everyday Life project born.

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Global Playground
NGO Global Playground Stockholm is a non-profit organization based in Stockholm that aims to promote sustainable development to youth through engaging communication and learning process. Having currently more than 200 members, Global Playground is growing steadily both in size and in our scope of work, increasingly collaborating with other countries. Sustainable urbanism is one of the main areas of expertise, since Global Playground is focused on the cities environment, as well as lifestyles and everyday consumption choices of people living in it. The main aim of Global Playground is to work with these complex questions combining art and science and applying game like methods to empower youth. We believe that local action and steer the global change.

Global Playground’s performance system is currently based upon four major pillars: regular planning activities and board meetings; gathering feedback and disseminating results of the activities; active and direct involvement of the board in all projects; and increasing collaboration with other organizations including the industry.

NGO Global Playground Stockholm works closely with communicating sustainability matters to our target audience. Global Playground has experience of running projects such as educational eco-tours in Stockholm, providing knowledge on renewable energy, sustainable fashion and responsible consumption through lectures, presentations and engaging activities and many others. In 2014 and 2015 Global Playground Stockholm was involved in arranging two events on Green in Everyday Life at Stockholm Earth Week at the Stockholm University. The topic of the workshop was practical methods to save energy and water in households, in order to help the environment and combat poverty. There were discussions about all sorts of tips and tricks how to live a greener life and playfully learnt about responsible consumerism. The main target group of that workshop was international students studying at Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Uppsala University. We have successfully extended our focus to an international setting and are increasingly involving in exchanges with other countries such as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Global Playground has three on-going projects:

- International exchanges between the two youth organizations in Sweden and Ukraine.
- Urban Gardening in Scarpnäck (Stockholm) during summer 2016(the project started in summer 2015).
- YC4C - Youth Cycling For Climate (project between Global Playground Stockholm and Ucarli Youth Organization, Turkey).

Project management team of Global Playground has considerable knowledge in various fields relevant for our work – there are researchers in sustainable transportation, energy conservation, applied environmental science and others.

The relationship with the project and Columbares has a long history. Global Playground Stockholm participated in the training course Green in Everyday Life in Murcia, Spain in November 2013. The course was organized by Columbares. As a continuation to the training course Green in Everyday Life, which was as a highly successful experience, Columbares together with partners from 6 countries (Sweden, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Spain, and the UK) successfully applied for funding from EU Programme Erasmus+. Global Playground Stockholm got an additional role in the project to organize the mid-term evaluation meeting in Stockholm in November 2015.

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Insider Access

Insider Access is a not for profit social enterprise focusing on the engagement of non traditional learners from disadvantaged backgrounds into informal, non formal and accredited learning, in order to break the barriers which hold them back and to help them to achieve their fullest potential in their life and society.
Insider Access works closely with the Ministry for Justice, NOMS, Probation Trusts, Jobcentre Plus/DWP, is an accredited NCFE Centre and approved by the Skills Funding Agency.

Income generated by Insider Access (a not for profit social enterprise) supports:
* Innovative training in the community for unemployed, ex-offenders, hard to reach groups
* Innovative training in prisons
* Through the gate support
* Informal offender mentoring
* Work placement opportunities
* Reduce re-offending in society
* Make our communities safer
* Help all individuals to achieve their highest goals

Insider Access is a unique social enterprise created as a sustainable outcome from a European Social Fund ITM project.

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